Thursday, August 25, 2005

the countdown begins...

Ok, ok, so i'll be heading back to the sunnier part of California five days from now, so i though to myself, what else haven't i done in SF? :-P Money matters aside, i do wanna check out some more of the more interesting sites in the city ...

So here's a random checklist in my head:

- check out the SF MOMA (this was in my list for the longest time!)
- watch a baseball game in the famed SBC park
- shop (?) --- well, window shop i guess! :-P in Castro and Haight
- check out the Palace of Fine Arts on a GOOD day (as in, no FOG!!!)
- hang with some more friends from PI who are here...
- watch The Skyflakes perform! (well, hopefully...)

+ + +

Anyhoo, i recently satisfied my Pinoy food craving with some pieces of chicken at Max's --- yes, my aunt and I went to El Camino to have some good ol' pinoy chicken at Max's. Yup, i am sooo happy there's a Max's in the area! The place was reminiscent of the Katipunan outlet (newly renovated look, and lotsa pinoy attendants, made me feel right at home...) and the guy helping us out was from the same province which was pretty surreal... :-) Anyhoo, we had chicken (served with bread and butter, which was weird) and my aunts had an extra order of bulalo soup, as well as the bihon guisado. Haaay, i missed it so much! I wonder if there's a Max's at Chicago... hmmm...

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